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For your Greenwich Register Office wedding at Woolwich Town Hall
Greenwich Register Office wedding photographer Emma Duggan offers photography like this bride and groom leaving Woolwich Town Hall in a whirl of confetti.
Victoria Hall inside Woolwich Town Hall which is the Greenwich Register Office. Photo by Greenwich Register Office wedding photographer Emma Duggan.
Couple leaving Edwardian Room at Greenwich Register Office as husband and wife
Guests take photos of the bride and groom at Greenwich Register Office, Woolwich Town Hall
A new husband and wife stand outside Greenwich Register Office after their civil wedding ceremony at Woolwich Town Hall. Photo: Greenwich Register Office wedding photographer Emma Duggan

Getting married at Greenwich Register Office?

If you’re getting married at Greenwich Register Office at Woolwich Town Hall chances are you’re bubbling with excitement and thinking about photos. You may be planning an intimate ceremony with just two witnesses or a few dozen of your nearest and dearest, and on the day would like to spend as much time with them as possible. Which means that you just need an hour or two of photography.

That’s what I do.

You can book photography from one hour upwards*. One hour covers the ceremony itself with photos on the red staircase inside Victoria Hall and on the Wellington Street steps, including a few portraits of the two of you. One and a half hours – the most popular option – has more time to include your arrival at the Town Hall and portraits of the two of you taken nearby. And two and a half hours allows for photos of you chatting with your guests during your drinks reception (and/or photos of the two of you taken further afield e.g. a London landmark).

You choose.

If you’re not sure, give me a call on 01342 811631 or simply get in touch via the enquiry form. We can talk through your plans and what you would like from your wedding photography. We’ll work something out together.

It’s all part of the service.

*Register office wedding photography coverage (attendance) including all of your personally edited, hand-finished, ready to print digital files from just £399, including travel and VAT.


There is one ceremony room in which you can marry as follows:

Edwardian Room –  an elegant room painted in bright cream with two large windows and a small feature fireplace containing a fresh floral arrangement

Ceremony capacity = 38
Ceremonies from £154

For more information on booking, payment and giving notice please contact the Register Office.


Greewich Register Office
Woolwich Town Hall
Wellington Street
Woolwich SE18 6PW

T: 020 8921 5015
W: website

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday TBC (by appointment)
Sundays and Bank Holidays TBC (by appointment)


Car and taxi:
Underground option 1:
Underground option 2:


What time should we arrive?

You and your guests should all be present at Woolwich Town Hall at least 15 minutes prior to your ceremony. There is a waiting area (with seating) up the main entrance steps from Wellington Street, just inside the main Victoria Hall. The loo is on the left hand side of Victoria Hall, right at the very end underneath the staircase. If you are keen to walk in separately to your ceremony and only see each other for the first time when you stand together side-by-side for your vows the Registrar’s Office will advise you on timings and entrance plans.

Usually this means one of you arriving 30 minutes prior to your ceremony and waiting in the interview room on the immediate right before you enter Victoria Hall. The other then arrives 15 minutes prior to your ceremony and is interviewed in the meeting room that links directly to the Edwardian ceremony room.


When and where do we have the meeting with the Registrar prior to our ceremony?

Your Registrar will conduct a legal interview with both of you, either together or separately, in private. The main interview room leads directly to the Edwardian ceremony room. You will be asked to confirm all of the details that you gave in your Notice.


What does the ceremony consist of and how long will it take?

The Registrar will welcome you and your guests, you will say your vows, exchange (optional) rings, and the sign the official Register. You can also choose to have a piece of music played during your entrance and the signing of the Register. You may also choose to have a guest or the Registrar make a (non-religious) reading. Ceremonies last between 10 and 25 minutes typically.

How many witnesses do I need and who can they be?

Two, who must be over 16 and understand the language of the ceremony. Register Office staff are not allowed to act as witnesses. You do not need to know your witnesses.

What about confetti on the Wellington Street steps?

At Woolwich Town Hall it is customary to have your group photographs taken on the red staircase before your confetti shot.

Once you have completed your group photographs your photographer will lead your guests outside to take up their positions. You can use any kind of confetti. Look out for your photographer giving you the thumbs up for your exit.

Where can we have couple photographs taken after our ceremony?

Options include:

Victoria Hall for stunning architecture and pretty pink and teal hues

Woolwich streets including the famous ‘LOVE LANE’ street sign

The Woolwich Centre for interesting reflections of you and Woolwich Town Hall

Your Reception Venue may have interesting interiors and exteriors that are important to you so do ask me if this is of interest

London Landmarks – you can also choose to have photos taken at the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben (check for refurbishment scaffolding first); St Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge; Tower Bridge; or a location that is special to you both

PLEASE NOTE: The Royal Parks – Greenwich Park, Kensington Gardens, St James’s and Green Park, Hyde Park, The Regent’s Park, and Richmond Park – require a filming permit (website) currently £120 inc. VAT for up to one hour. I can arrange this on your behalf (or provide you with a copy of my public liability insurance)

The time of year and position of the sun plays a large part in this decision, so choose a photographer who knows the area well, at all times of the day, and in the different seasons. Photography between 11am and 2pm when the sun is at its strongest can be trickier to work with so ask your photographer for advice.

What happens if it rains on our day?

For light to medium rain umbrellas work beautifully. Some of my favourite wedding photographs include umbrellas.

For heavy to torrential rain you can have your groups and couple portraits taken back inside the Register Office. The waiting area with its red staircase and black and white floor tiles work well as backdrops.

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We would like photos taken in daylight. What time should we have our Woolwich Town Hall Autumn / Winter wedding?

Here is an approximate guide to when it will be dark by month and suggested latest ceremony start times if you would like confetti and groups on the Woolwich Town Hall steps and couple portraits nearby taken in daylight:

(Click on grid to see larger version) 

This allows 30 minutes for your ceremony and 30 minutes for your confetti, groups and couple portraits

British Summer Time Ends – 29th October 2017 (clocks go back) / Daylight Saving Ends – 25th March 2018 (clocks go forward)

To check the exact sunset time on your day click here.

If you see that it will be dark when you come out onto the Woolwich Town Hall steps and would like some daylight photographs you can arrange for these to take place before your ceremony.

Get in touch about your Woolwich Town Hall wedding